Pavel Kučera - lead vocal, guitar

A singer and a guitar player, a legend of Ostrava scene known for his passion for rock and roll old school. A charismatic leader with an inexhaustible amount of energy whose immediateness and drive can win the audience under any circumstances. He is the founder of Robson who belonged among the top Czech groups in the 90s. He brought up the idea of Neo Chess Sunny Rock’n’roll Band.

Jenny Krompolc jr. - drums

An energetic and universal drummer whose services have been used by Boris Urbánek, Michal Žáček, Ostrava broadcast orchestra, Jiří Stivín, or a successful festival electro world music band Evolution Dejavu. His ability to play swing as well as drum’n’bass gave rock and roll a new dimension and brought the needed unpolished energy in the way Ringo Starr brought it to the early Beatles. He is a member of Rudy Horvat Group, Boris Band Combination and the mentioned Evolution Dejavu.

Rudy Horvát - guitar, vocal

One of the best Czech guitarists and a very searched after co-player. A perfectionist who ignores genre limitations. Due to these features he managed to kick the door open to the top of the Czech scene. He is a member of the group Flamingo accompanying Marie Rottrová and the group of Vlasta Redl. He has performed with the band Buty, cooperates with Michal Žáček, Markéta Konvičková and many others. He colaborates with Boris Urbánek as a member of his groups – Boris Band Combination, Ostrava broadcast orchestra (ORO). He leads his own jazz/fusion project Rudy Horvat Group. You might have heard Rudy in his bands Facing West Trio, Million Pounds and Peer.

Petr Moczek - bass, vocal

A precision bass player who appreciates top quality sound and elaborated music. A universal player who works effortlessly in any genre. He is an excellent funk player which he proved with the band Kuličky štěstí. He has played with bands such as Milion sedm, Song of Satori, Peer. As a member of Matyáš Gali he undertook a tour as a special guest of Lucie at the top of their fame. Currently he has performed with L.A. Sunday, Evolution Dejavu a Gamosvar.